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You will not see our web work since 1996 because we cannot put it on one page.

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Neven, Lili, Viktorija, Tomislav Đ., Zdenko H., Marko G., Seid, Viola, Nives, Andrija F., Andreja, Dean, Robert G., Robert L., Vlatka, Vjekoslav, IGL, ZB, Bunj, Danijel, Hrvoje, Dubravka, Martina, Ivna, Marko P., Krešimir, Ivan M., Igor N., Jadran, Darko, Josip G., Zoran Bo., Zoran Be, Ana, Mladen, Almir, Ivan P., Plakor, Zdenko I., Ognjen, Miran, Dijana, Nikola, Zoran Đ., Tomislav K., Željko, Marko K., Alexandar, Davor, Josip M., Marko M., Tena, Branko, Stipe, Marina, Irina, Martina, Radovanson

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Ador was born


EBay started its online auction and shopping website, Clinton was re-elected and DVD launched

CD/DVD multimedia


Microsoft was the biggest company in the world, JK Rowling released Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and Google was born.

EU market here we come


We weren't afraid of Y2K bug

Web Solution Finder


Facebook founded, Web 2.0 era

Fight Club years


YouTube and Twitter are babies.

GGD organizer


Instagram founded

Worldcrunch launched


Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies.

Women power


WECroatia is non-profit organization whose main goal is to assist women entrepreneurs

iSchool for African market


iSchool/Mwabu educated more than 100.000 children in Zambia.

Lili in top 50 IT women


Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be nominated to be USA president.

EBRD consultant


EBRD is our partner helping SME's to digitalize.

BNI member 5yrs


BNI member since 2014.

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Clients, designers, translators... all partners who elevated Ador.