In people we trust


About people and diversity

Let's Craft Difference Together

Each person is a special, unique and complex set of ideas, thoughts, feelings. Diversity is what makes us richer. Beauty is in diversity. That's our strength.

Respecting diversity, as the highest values, we value empathy, openness, trust, loyalty, and social responsibility.

From Empathy ...

Every company is just as special and unique because what defines it is its employees. We begin solving complex problems of our clients by listening, asking questions, playing the role of the client in order to understand his problems and the needs of his customers.

... To Opportunity ...

It is precisely in the complexity of these relationships and circumstances that we seek untapped potential and opportunity. An opportunity to focus on your brand vision and focus on what really matters to your audience.

... And Audience

It means “distilling” your message down to its essence, to connect with your audience on a deeply human level, and create meaningful and lasting connections that evoke authentic feelings such as joy, inspiration, trust, and loyalty.

About Social Responsibility

Building on the experiences and knowledge of others, we owe our gratitude and responsibility to the wider community.

We have helped many and will continue to strive for the people around us. Our apologies to everyone we left out - please let us know and we will complete the following:

Make an appointment and come to Ador's sofa, have coffee or tea with us and meet us. Maybe we do a project together or you stay with us for ten years, who knows!


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